the philosophy
The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. That may sound like a cliché but when it comes to music, it’s true.
Music can serve many different purposes. For each song, there are different aspects of quality, there is no such thing as an absolute definition.
The process is ever ongoing increasing the rig and developing the competence. Headroom as a production team and studio endeavour to always be able to provide with just the right colours on the palette for the occasion. The results speaks for it selves, both musically and in terms of sales. (See the artists page)
Finally, let’s not forget about the ever growing network of good session musicians, specialized recording facilities, dj’s etc who really helped all this come true.

the team
Stefan Åberg and Håkan Fredriksson teamed up already in elementary school to make music. During the header before their studio actually became that full-grown studio known as Headroom they used to work in a lot of different constellations such as their own multi platinum selling pop unit “Freebee”.
Nowadays, Stefan and Håkan work tight together on major productions, always supplementing each other.

the studio
Established in 1995, the facility stands out with its creative environment as well as a combination of state-of-the-art high tech and retro.
The high performance recording system along with all the other digital stuff does of course make a good music workstation in itself. On the other hand, what really makes a good studio is when those flashy futuristic things are put to work with all those fine pieces of analog outboard gear that has been carefully selected and collected throughout the years.

Headroom Recordings
Kolvgatan 1
SE-653 41 Karlstad

Phone +46 (0)734 120 218