in alphabetic order

A-Teens  (Universal, Sweden)
In 2003 the group returned up on the charts with their hit single ”Perfect match” (produced by Headroom). Several other tracks were also mixed at Headroom.


Cool HipHop/R&B act produced by Headroom.

The debut single "Player" will be released 15:th of May 2005. Check it out!

Anna S  (Sonar Music, Sweden)

Anna Stenbeck, this gorgeous young lady came to Headroom with her warm and beautiful voice to record her debut single “I need you”. Then Anna went to the Caribbean to shoot the video. The single was released to major scandinavian radio stations in mid May 2005. The video will be out this summer.

Annika Ljungberg  (Universal, Sweden)
Annika Ljungberg is the former Rednex vocalist. Mixes for a not yet released solo album at Headroom.

DaBuzz  (Bonnier, Sweden)
Several platinum and gold records since the debut in 1999, the group released their fourth album in 2004. As usual, there are several productions by Headroom on the album.

Dublin Fair  (Stockholm Records, Sweden)
”Jamboree”, mega summer-hit in Scandinavia, 27 weeks on the single chart, produced and co-written by Headroom.

Fredrik Kempe  (Universal, Sweden)
His debut single ”Vincero”, produced by Headroom, went gold in Sweden and so did the album ”Songs for a broken heart” (2002). The second album ”Boheme” released in 2004 contains more Headroom productions.

Freebee  (AVEX, Japan)
Members: Stefan Åberg, Håkan Fredriksson, Agnetha Kjörsvik and Per Lidén (Per is currently a member of DaBuzz). The songs on their self-titled album was written by the members and produced at Headroom. The multiple platinum album was a huge success in Scandinavia and South East Asia.

Jené  (Motown, USA)
”Throw your tears away” is mixed at Headroom.


This fantastic concert, containing songs written by Stefan Åberg, was filmed live at a crowded Yokohama Arena on January 4, 2005. The DVD was released in May and went straight to number one on the Japanese DVD chart.

Koichi Domoto  (J.E, Japan)
”Temperamental Fool” is co-written by Stefan Åberg.

Lena Philipsson  (Various labels thru the years)
Multi platinum selling Swedish vocalist, needs no further presentation. ”Lady star” produced by Stefan Åberg, Håkan Fredriksson and Torgny Söderberg.

Moe  (BMG, Sweden)
”When do we know” and ”Billie Jean” mixed at Headroom for Moe’s debut album.

News  (J.E, Japan)
Number one on the Japanese single chart, spring 2004, with their song ”Good news” produced by Headroom, co-written by Stefan Åberg.

Sanna Nielsen
Album under production to be released in 2005. The very elite of the Swedish musicians will back up this gorgeous voice. The repertoire is a superb blend of evergreens and newly written songs by, among others, Bert Månson and Åsa Jinder.

Sven-Ingvars  (NMG, Sweden)
One of the most popular groups in Sweden ever, formed some 45 years ago. ”Tus ojos lindos”: Dance remix/Spanish version of the huge Swedish hit ”Två mörka ögon”.

Tamaki Nami  (SONY, Japan)
Her third top ten hit on the Japanese single chart, spring 2004. ”Shining star”: produced by headroom, written by Stefan Åberg and Shusui Kosugi. Her debut album contains more Headroom productions.

Within Temptation  (BMG, Netherlands)
New album out autumn 2004, several tracks were mixed at Headroom including the single "Memories".